For their service providers

Do you provide services for people living with a blood borne virus, or their families?

This research study will interview people living with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, family members, and then stakeholders in the health and social care sectors.

Service providers will be interviewed for the study once findings have been collated from the interviews with people living with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C and their family members.

Stakeholders will be interviewed after we have completed the primary phase of data collection, to seek their expert views on how the study findings can be used to most effectively inform the development of policy and practice in the fields of infectious disease and family wellbeing.

Findings will focus on commonalities as well as any issues that might be specific to each disease area.

A brief research report and summaries for service providers and clients will be made available to those who are interested.

If you are interested in learning more about the study, or participating in an interview, please contact us.

This study has been approved by the Ethics Review Committee (RPAH Zone) of the Sydney Local Health District, the ACON Ethics Committee, and the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) Ethics Committee.  Any person with concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study should contact the Executive Officer on 02 9515 6766 and quote protocol number X16-0369.